Electromagnetic Pulse Bibliography

The internet is full of misinformation on the subject of Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP). If you want some definitive information, you can read the texts on this page.

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The following QST articles are available to members at the ARRL website. If you're logged in to your ARRL account, the following links will take you to a PDF of the article:

  • Effects of Nuclear Weapons. Chapter 10: Radio and Radar Effects.
  • Effects of Nuclear Weapons. Chapter 11: The Electromagnetic Pulse and Its Effects.
  • FEMA Attack Enviornment Manual. Chapter 4: What the Planner Needs to Know About Electromagnetic Pulse.
  • TM 5-858-5 Air Entrainment, Fasteners Penetration Protection, Hydraulic-Surge Protective Devices, EMP Protective Devices
  • The Early-Time (E1) High-Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse (HEMP) and Its Impact on the U.S. Power Grid. Oak Ridge Nat'l Labs, 2010.

    For additional texts, see my Emergency Preparedness Books page.

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