1973 National Scout Jamboree Wide Game

I attended the 1973 National Scout Jamboree at Faragut State Park, Idaho. That Jamboree actually took place at two locations--there was another one taking place in Pennsylvania.

1973 was the only year that regular scout troops could attend. All other National Jamborees were limited to "provisional troops" put together by councils for the sole purpose of participating in the Jamboree. I don't know why it hasn't been repeated, but allowing regular troops to attend was a great idea, since it allowed many more scouts to be included.

One of the activities that took place was the "Wide Game". All of the scouts were given a card, which contained one letter of the phrase "GROWING TOGETHER". We were to spread out and meet scouts with the rest of the letters, so that we could spell out the whole phrase. We collected the names and addresses of the other scouts, and at the bottom of the card, it said that I would "remember my new friends and write soon." Well, as might be expected, I didn't write soon, nor did any of my new friends. After reconnecting with Scouting after all of these years (as a Cub Scout leader), I found this old card and wondered what happened to these guys. I did find a number of these names on the website of the National Eagle Scout Association, and I did attempt to send e-mails from that site. I didn't get any responses, and I'm really not sure if they got through. And most of the names (if I'm able to read them) I haven't been able to track down. It seems to be a natural tendency for people to Google their own names, so I suspect that in time, some of you will discover this page. I'd be most interested in hearing from you, so if you are one of the names on my card, please e-mail me at clem.law@usa.net

To view a PDF copy of the wide game card, you may click on this link.

For the benefit of Google, here's the text of what was on the card. Apparently, many Scouts in 1973 (including myself) didn't have the world's greatest handwriting, so some of these are guesses.

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