Free Theological Books for your Kindle

If you own a Kindle, you can load it up with quite a few theological books at no cost. If you don't own a Kindle, you can download a Free Kindle Viewer for your PC, mobile device, or even cel phone.

Since it was written more than 80 years ago, the Bible is in the public domain, and the author isn't claiming any royalties. A number of translations are available for free. While you might not be able to find your preferred translation for free, you'll probably find something useable. The following is the ESV (English Standard Version). This edition is nice in that it contains fairly easy to use hyperlinks:

Other books are available for free at Amazon, and you'll find a wide variety waiting for download. You'll find a huge variety at the Amazon Kindle Store.

Some books will be in the public domain and available at no cost. Some of these will be available directly from Amazon for free. For example, you'll find some (but not) all volumes of the Works of Martin Luther there. And you'll find some shorter texts, such as The Augsburg Confession

Other books, even though they are in the public domain, might still have a price attached if you download them directly from Amazon. For example, the full text of The Book of Concord (the 1917 translation) is available, but with a purchase price. If you want to do a bit more work, the same text is available at no charge at this link. Once you've downloaded it, it's a simple matter to save it on your Kindle or e-mail it to your device. Full instructions are available at this page.

Many books (generally over 80 years old) are available for free download at Google Books. For example, if you need a reference copy of an old hymnal, one is available at this link. Again, you'll need to download the file and put it on your Kindle yourself. And on most Kindles, viewing music won't be particularly convenient. But again, if you need a reference copy of an old hymn, this can be a convenient method.

Many other old books are available at Google Books, at no cost. You can download these and transfer the PDF file to your Kindle. These are not particularly easy to read on the Kindle, since you're viewing only an image of the old book. Since the original book size might not match up with your Kindle's screen, it might make for difficult reading. But some work well in this format, so it's worth experimenting, in order to build up a good library at no cost.

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