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Review of Ibis Calais Car Ferry hotel, Calais, France

If you're taking the ferry from Dover, England, to Calais, France, either on foot or by car, this is an excellent hotel choice.

We stayed at the Ibis Calais Car Ferry in 2002. From the pictures on their website below, it looks like it has been expanded since we visited. It's an excellent hotel value for the money, and is conveniently located in Calais. Currently, the rates start at about 75 Euros per night.

We travelled via the ferry as pedestrians, and the hotel is in convenient walking distance from the ferry terminal. The hotel is about one kilometer from the terminal, and there is convenient pedestrian access. For luggage, we had a roll-on suitcase, and we didn't have any difficulty navigating the sidewalks. The entire walk is through a safe commercial area. There was shopping within a couple of blocks of the hotel. While there weren't any cooking facilities in our room, it was quite simple to buy meat, cheese, bread, etc., and eat some of our meals in our room. The hotel is close to the harbor, and you can take many nice walks right outside the hotel. We took the city bus into downtown and to the train station, and there was a convenient bus stop nearby, and the bus service was excellent.

If you're travelling by car, the hotel does have a large parking lot.

The map on the hotel's website below is very good, and I would recommend printing this out. Armed with the map, the hotel is easy to find from the ferry terminal.

The staff was extremely friendly and helpful. I wouldn't count on it happening again, but this is the only hotel in the world where I stayed without having to prepay or use a credit card. I offered our credit card at checkin, but the desk clerk stated that we could just pay when we checked out, and he didn't bother running the credit card. (I believe I had entered a credit card number when making the reservation online, so presumably they had some recourse had we snuck out without paying.)

Our room was very clean. It was comparable to a good Super 8 or Days Inn in the United States. It's certainly not a luxury hotel, but it is extremely clean and comfortable.

The restaurant was very good, although they were very strict about enforcing the hours. When we arrived for dinner, the restaurant was already closed, although the bar was still open. Even though a desert cart was still out, we weren't allowed to purchase items from it, since the restaurant was closed. But despite the intransigence about serving food, the waitress was very sympathetic, and kept replentishing our supply of free peanuts, which we had for dinner while we sipped wine from the bar.

When we did arrive on time, both the food and the service in the restaurant were excellent.

As far as I can tell, this hotel does not have any English-language reservation page, although after the first page, the content is in English. However, even with limited French, it's quite easy to make a reservation online. After clicking on the link below, look for "Réservez votre séjour". Under "Date d'arrivée", cliick on the calendar and select your arrival date. Remember, this is a French calendar, so the first column is Monday, not Sunday. Under "Nuit(s)", select the number of nights you will be staying, and then click the "Réserver" button.

After you have clicked this button, assuming that you have a U.S. or U.K. internet connection, the remaining pages will be in English. U.S. credit cards can be used to make the reservation.

This is an excellent but low-cost hotel, and I strongly recommend it if your travels take you to Calais.



The ibis Calais hotel sits between the land and the sea, just 5 mins from the city center and the car ferry terminal, and 10 mins from the Channel Tunnel and our sandy beach. We offer 55 rooms with Internet access, along with a café-restaurant, a 24-hourbar for snacks and meals, a terrace and a private car park. Calais' Opal Coast is the ideal place to relax and enjoy the stunning views across the Site des Caps headland.

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