Old Radio and Telegraphy Books for your Kindle, Computer, or e-Reader

If you have a Kindle or other e-reader (or a computer, since you download a free Kindle viewer at this link), and you're interested in reading about the early days of telegraphy and wireless, there are a treasure trove of old books available for free, some of which are linked below.

There are three good sources of such books. The first is Amazon itself. Since essentially anything over 80 years old is in the public domain, these books are generally made available for free. One warning, however, is that in many cases, only the text, and not the illustrations, are available. In many cases, this is not a concern. But particularly with old scientific and technical books, the lack of illustrations can be problematic.

The second source of material is Google Books. Again, since books over 80 years old are in the public domain, millions of them are available as free Google e-books. Generally, you can download a PDF of the book, which will give you the text and the illustrations. You can view these on your computer or transfer them to your Kindle. The Kindle is not ideal for viewing PDF's. However, I've found that by rotating the text into the landscape mode, most old books can be read quite easily on the Kindle.

Another great source of old radio books is tubebooks.org. This site has many interesting old books available, only a few of which are linked below.

By searching these sites, you will undoubtedly find more old books. On this page are a small selection of the books that reside on my Kindle.

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