Tablet Computers

The following tablets are currently available for under $60 from They are shipped directly from China, and the prices include shipping. Chances are, none of these are the pinnacle of computing, but they are very cheap.

If you are in need of a basically disposable tablet, one of these would be a good option. The current prices are shown below. The prices might change, but you can confirm those prices by clicking on the picture or the link. These prices do include shipping, but since they're coming from China, you should expect them to be delivered in about three weeks.

Q27B 7

7 Android 4.0.4 A13 1.2GHz Tablet PC with External 3G, 1080P Playback, Capacitive Touch (4G) (Black) ($56.99)

Onda A10 VX610W Enhanced Version 7
Onda A10 VX610W Enhanced Version 7" Android 2.3 A10 1.5GHz Tablet PC with 3D Game, Wi-Fi, 2160P HDMI Output, Resistive Touch (8GB) (White) ($49.99)

M002 7
M002 7" Google Android OS Tablet PC with RAM 256MB DDR2 , Wi-Fi, Touch Screen (Black) ($43.99)

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