Civil Defense Operational and Survival Plan of the City of St. Paul, 1962

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APPENDIX l, 0rganization 0f Ttre Etate For Civil Defenee

APPENDIX 2, Geographical Organization Of 8!re State For

APPENDIX 3, UNICCM Division I Organizational Command Channels

APPENDIX r+, UNIC0M Sector Boundries Fon Relocated Operations

APPENDIX 5, UNICOM Division Staff Organization Chart

APPENDIX 6, Ramsey County Staff Organization Chart

APPENDIX 7, St. Paul Civi} Defense 0rdinances

APPENDIX 8, St. Paul Operational Organization Chart

APPENDIX 9, (Omitted) St. Paul Staff Assignments to UNICOM

APPENDIX 10, (0mitted) Emergeney Proceduree

APPENDIX 11, Glossary of Terms

APPENDIX 12, (Omitted) Minneapolis-St. Paul Evacuation

APPENDIX 13, (Omitted) St. PauI Evacuation Route Map

APPENDIX 14, (Omitted) Industry Guidance

APPENDIX 15, (Omitted) Activation of St. Paul E.O.C.


Civil Defense 0perati.ons

For Civil Defense Operations

Division I

Routes Map

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