Civil Defense Operational and Survival Plan of the City of St. Paul, 1962

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:. .':sfruflll-
.i . Shelter corltigiratlon, capacity, equipment and supplies wili var;, greety.
Thus, aniy general organizational, staffing and operabionsl guidance can
be given. The pattern for each individual shelter strouJd bb deteruine,i
and plans made preattack.
:rir Each shelte:^ must be organized anci Broup serfety requires bhat final"
authority rest r,lith t,he shelter {nanager.
:.,. The manager may wish to l:ave a small adviscry committee ehosen fro:r: thc
shel-terees to assist in matters of relationship betrueen managennelrt and
shelterees. The committee can aet on behal-f of the shelterees in
presenting problems and suggestions to the shelter iilanager and nay
assist the management in resol-ving behavioral and other prob3.ems.
(See Chapter 5, Safety.)
II. {irganizatioq
i. ?he organizat,ion for each shelter must be cietermined localIy based on
the capacity of the shelter, its floor plan, facillties and supplies,
as weIJ as on plans for feeding, sleeping, and otlrer in-shelter fi:nctit'ns.
f,. SheLter' $quad
1. Each shelter should organlze its populabion into nanageable squarls.
As necessary, squads ean be joiaed to form larger organizati,:nal
groups or seetions, and sections can be 1inked together to form
?. A shelter aecording to its size and Bpace layout may function as a
single unsegmented group, division or section. The size of a
squed can vary but it is suggested that a squad should have approxrmately
ten persons; a section appro:cilnateIy ten units (100 persons) i
and a division from three to fivl sections (3OO to 5OO persons.)*
3. i. given shelter of 5A persons may find it advisable to organize into
a stngle squad while anotlrar shelter of 50 persons may flnd it
ex.oedient tc organize into five squads of 1O persons each, A shelter
of 150 persons may organize into a single section or may organize
into tno sectitxs, each of uhich is made up of trro or more squad$.
A shelter or 6o0 persons mqr elect to organiae into eit'her one
division or two divlsiorsraith any one oJ' various cor#lnatlons of
sections and squads.
l+. The Qype of organization should be adapted to the shelter facility
and should reflect the management concepts of the tirelter manager.
The objective is to establish a manageable span of @ntool.
Throughout the Guide squad refers to a single organized group of a;pro*rime,te1l
personst sgg-llgn tc an organized group of two or mcre units; ard division
au oreaniEEd-@up of two onnone-seeiions.

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