Civil Defense Operational and Survival Plan of the City of St. Paul, 1962

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SHEtffiN EN?nI
I. GeneraL
A. In-shelter operations begin with arrival of shelterees at the shelter entrance.
B. Tfe management objective during the shelter entry phase is to get things started ln an-orderly, even though irnprovised, nlnirur oniit more permanent organlzational and procedural ariangements can be estabiGt"a.
c' careful arrangements must be mad,e to insure that the shelter wi1l be opened quickly- when uarning io received, Several members of the shelter
-staff, should be provided *ftU keys. Persons selected should work or live in or near the facility in wiricU the shelter is located or should othenwise be chosen so there ls reasonable expectation that at least one of them would be near the shelter at any given timer
D' ?he following inforrnation should be posted in a prominent place withjn the shelter.
l-. Legal basis for management authority.
+t2. Managoment roster (where predetermined).
3. A check list of initial actions to be taken.
l+. The shelter layout plan.
5. A list of and supplies including a storage Location of the various items and *rlir respective {
6. fnstnrctions on equipment operation and maintenance.
'1. Standing operating procedures.
8. Community map showing locations of emergency operating centers and shelters.
fI. Es,lg$ishmept of Command and Control
A. All actlons duri-ng thls period should be carried out in a calm an6 posittve
manner to assure respect for the authority of the sheltar manager anA fris staff.
B. The first assigned mernber of the shelter staff to arrive at the facility shall assume command until-reLieved by the next person of hlgher autlority. Iie shal"l make on-the-spot designations of people to assist 1n:
++ Actions to be taken if pnedesignated management persormel are not present should be set forth in the Standing operatin[ Procedures for the she3-ter.

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