Civil Defense Operational and Survival Plan of the City of St. Paul, 1962

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f. General
Personal suppltes
1. Items brought in their use withfui
by shelterees that may have the shelter should be added
signlficance ln termE of to the supply inventor5r.
A. Proper engineering maintenance and the provision of essential suppLies
are vital for shelter habitabtlity.
B. Surrrirral may-weIl depend upon the kinds and amounts of supplies stored in sheLters {uring peacotirne, and upon those that can be Urougnt in dr:ring the period of warning.
If. Supplies and EquipmentA.
Essential stocks
1. The DOD-OCD provisions for shelters of 5o or more spaces, u hich have been determined usable under the National Shelter Program, provide for basic store of food., water, medical, sanitation, Ind flniluf supplies and equipment ln each shelter.- Local governments are responsible for the proper storage and,safekeeping of these iterrs. (se" ippe;di" B
for a listing of DOD-OCO provtsions)
2. !trhere a shelter cannot be provisioned pre-attack, St. paul plans provlde for the movement of supplies to theee sh6lters duriirg the warntng_period by shelterees. Shelter supply personnel should be pnepared to recelve and inventory these suppiies.
3. All eqr:ryment and federal provislons for a glven shelter should be included on an i.nventory ltst, and a copgr placed in the shelter. This list should be kept up-to-date.
8. Supplementa,ry srrppLies and eqplpment
1. Where it is feasibLe, the ehelter group should consider enhancing the comfort of the shelter by stocking-tt;rith items ov@ and abone those constdered as essential if the tacitity owner agrees tn writilng to the St. Paul Bureau of Civil Defense.
2. Items, over and above those provided by DOD-OCD which are recommended, for inclusion in shelters are listed in Appendix B, They are also
covered where applieab3-e in other chapteri-of this manual.
3, The99 lay be placed in the shelter preattack, if storage space is availabLe, or they may be movert intb the shelter ourinE thl pentod warntng if nearby and readily accessihle. Ilowever. such iterns _ueaffi

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