Civil Defense Operational and Survival Plan of the City of St. Paul, 1962

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I. OeneraL
Although healttqy persons can do without food for some p$sical effects as long as water is avaiLable, a food is necessary to permit shelterees to meet the demands
prepare for postshelter rehabilitation.
II. Basic Food and t,iater Rations
time without adverse
suppJ-y in each shelter of shelter living and
A. DD-OCD is provisioning each licensed strelter space, which has been identified and determined usable under the Natibnal Shelter Program, with a supply of biscuits or crackers and )-l/Z gallons of watei. -
(See Food and llater, Appendix B)
B. The surrrival crackers are packa,ged in cans of tr,ro sizes, which are in turn packed in fiberboard cases. One can will supply s6ven persons rlth
101000 caLories of food each, while the other will- supply five persons with 101000 cal.ories of food each, at the rate of 2r00calories per pound.
C. Each water contatner provid,ed by DOD-OCD oupplios ?0 quarts of drinking water (t7.5 gallons).'
D. ?he sanitation kits suppLied by DOD-OCD provi-de one six ounce plastic
cup with li.d, for each assigned shelter space. Extra cups to aiLon for possible breakage by shelterees and for some over-crbwding of the shelter_are also provided. A special spout for filling the cups from the 17.5 gallon water container is contlined in each sanitation kLt.
E. The St. Paul- Bureau of CiriL Defense is responsible for the proper
storago and safekeeping of these basie food and water items ind-fon estab1ishlng the necessarXr feeding and water distribution arrangements.
IIf. Obher Desirable Foods
A. Parents and guardians of infant children must be advised to bring formulas
or other appropriate baby foods to the shelteruith them.
B. Persons with particular dietary needs must be advised to bring the special foods they require.
c. Special foods brought into the shelter shoulcl not require cookingr or heating to high temperatures. Temperai;ure of food wi11 soon rise to the temperature of the shelter. If there is critical" need for wamr food, and
no other methods-are available, temperature can be raised still furth6r by exposing the food containers directly to the heat of the body.
For reasons of space and safekeeping, personal stocks of special foods shall" be turned over to the shelter management for storage and for issuance back to the persons concerned ai needed.

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