Civil Defense Operational and Survival Plan of the City of St. Paul, 1962

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f. General
0nce a shelter is occupied, one of the most important functions of the shelter
staff will be to maintain the general health Level of the shelterees. With
Limited medical- suppLies and the closely confined environment, contagious
diseases would be a serlous blow to the shelter operations. Preventtvo moasures
are thus more cruciaL than corrective measu,res.
II. Basic Health and S-anitation P-lan
A. Medical Eupply kits and sanitation kits are included in tlre DOD-OCD
prolrisions. Each medical kit lncludes a Medical Sel.f-HeLp MarnraL.
B. Each shelter nuet have a pLan for the use and consernation of these
supplles and must establish procedures for maintaining the healttt of
the sheLterees.
C. The use and possible replenishnent of heaLth and sanitation supplies
shouLd be coordinated between St. Paul ilea1th, Medica3., and Special
I^Ieapons Service Chief and the Shelter Supply Officer of the St. Paul
Bureau of Civil Defense.
D. Instruction in basic health and sanitation practices and in medicaL
self-help should be a part of the shelter tnformation and tralning
program. These courses are available through the St, Paul Bureau
of Civil Defense now.
- fII. Minimum Supplementary Suupplies
A. In addition to DOD-0CD furnished items, persons to be sheltered shoul-d
consider adding the following health and sanltation supplies:
1, A sma1l basic supply of disposable diapers.
2. A supply of disposable touels for drying hands after cleaning.
IV. 0ther Desirable Supplips
A. These items for health and sanitation may be added consistent with storage
space, and avallab1e funds. ldone of these j-tems are avail-ab1e at this
ttme from City soutrces.
1. A few cots (See Chapter 8) which would greatly improve sick bay
2. A small supply of insulin, where proper storage facilities are
available, for use by diabetics.
3. Sealed, disposable, individual washcloth packages for occasionaL
minimum sponge bathing.
\. B. Persons requiring special medicines to maintain good health shouLd have \*- these ready to carry with them to shelters on short notice.

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