Civil Defense Operational and Survival Plan of the City of St. Paul, 1962

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1, Basjc figuipnr.ent
A, Marqp designated sheii;ers will be ln places with aceess to existing tele- phones. Whei telep,hones are avallabie ancl operable they will serve as basic communicatiorrs. '
fi. Pl"ang should be matJe to insure at least one battery operated Ai,,i radio receiver plus extra. batl,eries wt11 be rnade available in- thi sheLter for recepiion of emergeney broadcasting information.
c. Tto-way radlo ls being considered as back-up to telephone communtcatiorls,
S. The communication |tpackagsrr in the shelter includes ample paper arrl perrcils for malntaining-a message 1og arvl for recording **"".g"u for the shelter
manager and staff. A standard form for transtoltting InO fosging messages is povided.
E. Complete communication instructions, outlining the community's communica- ttons plan will be printed and p1ac6a with th6 equipment. tluch instnrctions will cover standard terrninoloryr reporting scheoutes, contaet poini"-(.ity- wide and dtstrict officeE) t
Qther Desirablo Items
A. standard electricity operated recelver^s nhich can poriler is uninterrupted to rnonitor broadcasts while in portable recelvers.
be used where electric
conserving batteries
B. Portable transmitting-receiving equipment belonging to members of units of fRACES (Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Servic). pl,ans vri1l be made to have designated "hams" take their portable equipraont to shelters upon receipt of warning.

0. Radio receivers with earphone attachments. These are preferable for. nighttime monitortng in areas where reception might boirrer s1eeping shelterees, and to provlde control. of tni'ormatioi dissemination rhen thls ts desirable,
ffl. Corununicetions Operatlons
A. Ae soon as shelter operations begin, all commrnicatlons equipment shall be tested.
B. Monltoring operations
1. Continuous monitoring of broadcast networks should be matntained day and night.
2. Broadcast monitors should log all tnformation to the shelter
all pertinent information and relay

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